iNazz Permanent Ban Not Justified

While playing a game just an hour ago, we were placed into a queue with a feeding Ryze. Not only did he feed, but he was toxic. Earlier in the day we had a feeding Shen and all he did was talk trash on his own team. However, this Ryze, as previously mentioned, is able to just go into a game and intentionally feed and talk trash, but it is okay. My friend, iNazz, got permanently banned for saying one offensive thing. While it was not entirely justified, it was also in response to the enemy team talking trash on us. So Riot, please consider the fact that you are allowing players to ruin the fun for us by actually ruining the gameplay, but you don't even consider reading the entire chats to see if our frustrations are justified. You should probably clean up that issue over someone who may have hurt someone else's "feelings".
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