Chat restriction for literally just common competitive talk between opposing teams.

I mean literally I called someone who was challenging my abilities to gank them "trash" and "garbage" **once**. The two times I said 'shut up' were sarcasm because they enemy said something stupid trying to be funny. For example if the Enemy said "hehe press F to dance" and I tell them shut up, is that toxic? Not at all. Game 1 is just plain trash talk that is found in every single game that has competition in it. I didn't make it excessive nor did I make it racist or violent. For example: In an FPS game: "your aim is trash" In a racing game: "You drive like my grandma" Even in a childs game: "your a noob" I mean competition breeds this kind of talk. As long as it isn't excessive or hurting anyone it doesn't really matter. If game 1 is bannable then 2/3 of all bronze and silver players needa have a ban. As for game 2: I HAVE NO WORDS. L-I-T-E-R-A-L-Y. How is this even in here idk. here are logs: Game 1 In-Game YerAWizardCarry: invade YerAWizardCarry: INVADE YerAWizardCarry: EVERYONE YerAWizardCarry: COME ON YerAWizardCarry: LETS GO YerAWizardCarry: shut up YerAWizardCarry: toxic YerAWizardCarry: outta my jg kid YerAWizardCarry: u garbage YerAWizardCarry: camping bot YerAWizardCarry: ty YerAWizardCarry: Stop it. Get some help YerAWizardCarry: vel YerAWizardCarry: ward my blue plz YerAWizardCarry: i ask one thing YerAWizardCarry: but nooooo YerAWizardCarry: bronze support YerAWizardCarry: so lazy YerAWizardCarry: why u ugly YerAWizardCarry: fr YerAWizardCarry: thakn you sir YerAWizardCarry: trash YerAWizardCarry: bro you can't be talking when you use faces like "xd" YerAWizardCarry: wut YerAWizardCarry: ez YerAWizardCarry: im not toxic, im just competitive YerAWizardCarry: mute me YerAWizardCarry: ff@15 YerAWizardCarry: finally realized? YerAWizardCarry: its ok, its only -20 LP YerAWizardCarry: you take it often anyway YerAWizardCarry: boi YerAWizardCarry: you built ga first item YerAWizardCarry: nah we dont need your GA YerAWizardCarry: because vel carrying you YerAWizardCarry: vel is a legend YerAWizardCarry: 1/1/4 YerAWizardCarry: because of vel... YerAWizardCarry: lol fr YerAWizardCarry: shut up YerAWizardCarry: please YerAWizardCarry: then get the drags YerAWizardCarry: lazy YerAWizardCarry: gotta do everything for you YerAWizardCarry: cait want red? YerAWizardCarry: wait you aint having it, kid YerAWizardCarry: lol easy YerAWizardCarry: im carrying this team hard YerAWizardCarry: say that again YerAWizardCarry: im carrying you YerAWizardCarry: kid YerAWizardCarry: troll YerAWizardCarry: this mummy is your carry YerAWizardCarry: cait YerAWizardCarry: heavy YerAWizardCarry: adc GA YerAWizardCarry: cant win YerAWizardCarry: bro we been doing that YerAWizardCarry: get on our level YerAWizardCarry: i can YerAWizardCarry: yw cait YerAWizardCarry: this mummy just won us that teamfight YerAWizardCarry: you all would've been dead if i dindt ult YerAWizardCarry: pyke was channeling q, vayne coming with ult, kat ready with ult YerAWizardCarry: lol dont kid yourself YerAWizardCarry: we getting baron YerAWizardCarry: again, saved the teamfight YerAWizardCarry: ggez Post-Game YerAWizardCarry: GG YerAWizardCarry: EZ YerAWizardCarry: my back is broken from that carry YerAWizardCarry: with 19 kills YerAWizardCarry: LOL YerAWizardCarry: thats sad YerAWizardCarry: nah bot got lucky they had THE LEGEND HIMSELF jg YerAWizardCarry: ayyyyyyyyy Game 2 Pre-Game YerAWizardCarry: dont worry i never get my hopes up for my bronze teammates YerAWizardCarry: bronze@ heart tho YerAWizardCarry: who bruh In-Game YerAWizardCarry: u in the wrong jg YerAWizardCarry: aatrox going bot YerAWizardCarry: dont worry noc, we wont report YerAWizardCarry: goodbye good sir YerAWizardCarry: fr YerAWizardCarry: i think the game is broken YerAWizardCarry: the screen isnt sliding over to your blown up nexus yet YerAWizardCarry: nah YerAWizardCarry: underestimated how bad you are YerAWizardCarry: bro just ff YerAWizardCarry: this is over YerAWizardCarry: better top wins YerAWizardCarry: u aint slick YerAWizardCarry: me YerAWizardCarry: varus YerAWizardCarry: hop on my back YerAWizardCarry: hop on YerAWizardCarry: kiddo YerAWizardCarry: free ride YerAWizardCarry: u aint slick YerAWizardCarry: EZ YerAWizardCarry: dont worry im coming in there to hand you the L my boy YerAWizardCarry: my back is aching from this carry tho YerAWizardCarry: LOL GOODBYE Post-Game YerAWizardCarry: varus so heavy, but we managed it
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