Flaming Players because you dont like the fact PYKE IS A SUPPORT.

Pyke is an ASSASSIN support....get it.. A SUPPORT. Yes he can be jungle or mid. But just because you are too lazy to look him up or want to continue to act like its season 2, does not give you the right to flame people for picking a champ that YOU dont approve of. Becuase YOU decide "Nah he isnt a support, he is jungle or mid, not support!, ur trolling if u go pyke support" I told someone that Pyke is considered an assassin support because his ult still feeds kill gold to the adc. The response I got was "then riot made a mistake" Yeah just because YOU want to keep the characters stale and uninteresting, conforming rigidly to roles, doesnt mean other people dont actually enjoy it. I play a very Poke-heavy, very mobile playstyle. Hit and run, poke and chip them down, move around, find new angle, repeat. I dont need some self-rightous toddler who feels it is there personal duty to beat teammates over the head with "ur this role so you can only choose from these champs" You meta cultists are the ones who keep the game from actually improving or trying something new because you still expect the game to play like its season 2. -support isnt allowed CS -support isnt allowed kills -support isnt supposed to build damage items -support is supposed to sacrifice thier own life to make sure the adc can get away -support is supposed to ward the entire map. -support isnt allowed to leave thier adc for anything (even helping other teammates) - if match is lost, it is by default the support's fault regardless of circumstance) and Riot wonders why no one really likes playing support, because their teammates have this stick up thier ass about how a support is 'supposed' to be played rather than just LET THEM DO THIER FUCKING JOB. I swear I am less likely to go out of my way to save them if I have to listen to how "completely fucking useless support" I am after I healthdump 90% of my health into one player to make sure they stay alive long enough to get to safety. So Yeah, I will admit I find pyke a refreshing change of pace as a support player. But just because he does damage, because he has an execute for an ult, doesnt mean he isnt a support....JUST BECAUSE YOU DONT LIKE IT" Get that swelled head out of your ass and take a look around, it ISNT SEASON 2 anymore. Supports can have executes, supports can get kills, supports can take cs. And this support is more than happy to leave your arrogant self-centered ass out to rot and take the kills for myself, then Lets see who is the "useless" one. Dont kick your supports when they are down, then wonder why they arent gonna throw thier life away for you.
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