the hopes of reverting permabans

I think this reverting permabans is a good idea only because some people have payed over 1k usd on a account they cherished and yes i am one of these people but i dont plan on playing league anymore since they baby the players who are toxic in throwing and otherthings as well but if im not able to defend myself the way i chose to like say flame back at the draven top inting. then how will i be able to keep playing the match if i have someone throwing and i cant afk its hard to please all the playerbase but i think doing a revert to players who have been banned for 4 or more years should get the chance to do so i was banned 3 years ago so this isnt for me this is for the game I cherish. {{champion:32}} {{sticker:sg-janna}} I appreciate any input or suggestions to this or any more post because I seem to only find posts from last year
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