Had 2 people who are duo purposely fed not enough is being done to even improve on intentional feedr

Had a game where 2 intentionally fed for no reason the best part is they were in chat acting like they weren't doing it on purpose to dodge this crap system from detecting them feeding. Intentional feeder detection has always been crap ever since it was reworked and still is crap because nothing is ever done to improve it. Want proof? Does anyone remember that idiot who posted on the board asking why he was suspended for only 7 days on chat reasons? All the idiot had to do was keep his mouth shut but he ended up asking a stupid question where Tantrum if I recall looked into the case and was found that he fed over 15 games with temh ketch. I too looked at that players history and that person had over 30 games he intentionally fed last season. The part that he said was pure truth I can't recall all the word but Tantrum looked into his chat for the reason he was suspended for 7 days. The idiot pretty much said " I won't get ban all i need to do is to fake farm and not afk" <<< If that dumb a*s didn't say that then he would had probably never been suspended for 7 days or even got found out by a Rioter that he fed over a total over 30 temh ketch games.(15 games this season -about 20 games last season with Temh ketch. This is disgusting how nothing is improved or a Rioter ever saying "Hey we are updating the intentional feeder system" << All they say and this goes for board moderator is "All we can do is report them and improve the system" WHEN THE SYSTEM NEVER IMPROVES. Tip for people who are intentional feeding, don't say you are intentional feeding or afk that will boost your chances of not even going near the detection radar. Reasons why some people are even caught is because they are stupid to say they are going to feed in chat.
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