Toxic players seem to never get banned

God I hate low elo, especially bronze. You can't seem to find a game without someone being the most toxic human being you could ever imagine. I queue up for a game of flex, get into lobby, everything seems fine. I pick Leona support, ready for a good game. Our adc picks for our jungler, and requests that our jungle takes Sivir for them. Jungler says "Yeah, I have Sivir". Jungler hovers Sivir, picks Miss Fortune. People start getting mad, because our adc doesn't have MF and can no longer trade. Jungler takes smite with mf, Adc takes flash ignite with Xin. No one switched summoners, so now I'm forced to support a Xin. No big deal, just help him farm it out. We get into game, our MF is afk. Xin says "Let's invade." So Xin, Zed and I go ahead to the enemy red, and get caught. I'm trying to take out the Malzahar's voidlings that were chunking down Zed's health. My team gets a kill, I'm about to get to them to help out, and the enemy Cait gets a double kill. First thing in chat "wtf gg leona trolling". Xin starts harassing me. I'm just there saying "I wasn't in range to do anything." He begins to flame and say "You have flash and exhaust you could have done something." Which is true, but I wasn't willing to waste my summoners when the two people invading were already dead. Things started getting worse from there. I /remake, and the entire team says no, so now it's a 4 v 5. I get into lane, and Xin starts again. "Leona go top.", "I can tell you're that kind of support who sits back and does nothing.", "I'm not playing with a troll.", "If you don't go top I will." He leaves bot lane, forcing me to 2 v 1. I didn't die once, but I did lose tower. Xin said nothing, and rotated from top to mid every few minutes. Our MF reconnected about 10 minutes into the game and Xin starts typing in all chat: "Look MF is back". "MF is going bot, free and easy kills for now.", "You want free kills? Go botlane." I help the Mf farm, until the Xin, Soraka and Zed engage in a 5 v 3. I begin helping out in the teamfights, everything is doing fine, but Xin keeps saying: "Leona is not one of us.", "Don't fight with Leona, she'll get you killed." At this point, I'm fed up and press that glorious mute button on Xin. Things start getting better. Now 20 minutes in, I've gotten Zed a few times, tower diving and tanking for him. He seems to be happy. Until I miss my e and he goes in, and gets himself killed. Now the Zed is toxic. "Wtf Leona is trolling me." "Tricking me into tower diving what a troll". It wasn't completely my fault that I missed my flash + e combo. In reality, he should have waited for me to be completely under tower to dive, and I wasn't. By the end of the game, everyone on my team was muted. This isn't the first time it's happened. I've had several other toxic players on my teams before this event as well. I've also run into the same ones once or twice, that I have reported both times. The toxic players are beginning to get out of hand, and spreading their influence on others. The amount of toxic players have increased in my games within the past few months, and Riot seriously needs to start taking action.
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