What a pathetic company this is. 14 day ban for being trolled. Up yours Riot.

[https://postimg.cc/YhG419YQ](https://postimg.cc/YhG419YQ) The reporting system never ceases to amaze me at just how stupid it is and the people who designed it. A 14-day suspension for 1-game of &quot;feeding&quot;. Let&#039;s see here. - We have an afk level 6 pantheon so it&#039;s a 4v5 game. - We have a Katarina walking around typing insults not attacking anyone so it&#039;s a 3v5 game. - We have a trolling support Morgana who takes smite so she can roam around with the jungler, leaving me to fight a 2v1 lane, which of course results in me dying a lot. - I have the most kills on the team and the most damage done to enemy champions, yet I am the one who is banned for &quot;feeding&quot;, and the other trolls on the team are fine because I never got an instant feedback after reporting them. Riot has gone so far down the toilet it hard to believe it&#039;s even real anymore. From the worst champion balance in the past eight years to the instant punish without warning witch-hunt system, to the horrible trolling player base they have bread that is toxic every single game. <removed by moderation>
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