It's Doable

2 years ago I received a 2 week ban for just generally being a negative asshole and the type of person no one wants to play with. Shortly after that, I realized that I wasn't in a good head space and a game like League wasn't good for me... so I uninstalled. It was a great decision for me at the time and removing myself from an environment that only fed my personal negativity did wonders for my mental health. Now that I'm in a better place, I've been playing league again and having a wonderful time. It's amazing how much more fun a game (or anything really) can be when you're taking care of your mental health. Today when I logged in, I finally received that beautiful alert that I have finally reached the top of the honor tree. Honor Level 5. My honor capsule gave me tokens I was able to redeem for Medieval Twitch and a sapphire chroma for it, which was an extremely pleasant surprise. --- I know that, at least 2 years ago, people on the boards often expressed feeling like it was impossible to climb back up out of getting honor locked due to disciplinary action on their accounts. When it happened to me, I worried it might be the case as well. I just wanted to share that, after a long personal journey and genuine reform, it is possible to get back in good standing in league. Not just that, but it's possible to climb back up to the top. It does require patience and a complete change in behavior, but it is 100% doable. And that's gotta feel good. It would have been helpful to hear some positive outcomes in the player behavior board back when I was struggling. So hopefully this can provide a light at the end of the tunnel for some of you. See you on the Rift!
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