I keep encountering white supremacists / extreme racists in games

I have been encountering an alarming number of racists and extreme hate speech in this game lately. I just put in a ticket with screenshots of yet another racist / hate speech player who not only had an extremely racist summoner name but also had a club name that used a veiled phrase used by white supremacists today. I didn't notice any of this until he started ranting about jewish people and homosexual people in chat. Then I saw his disgusting screen name and his club name. I muted him but then after the game he was still spamming chat with this extremely racist garbage. So then I reported him but also took a screenshot and put in a ticket. We must be vigilant because the alt-right movement is real and pervasive especially on the internet and in the gaming world. Report them all. Riot has a zero tolerance policy against this kind of stuff and the need the help of decent players to root it out.
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