Received permanent BAN for no good reason

Hi guys I just had my account permanently banned for no good reason. Been playing LOL for roughly two years. I live in Hong Kong and my main account is on the Japanese server (posting here because I can't read Japanese so can't navigate the Japanese forums). I initially started out on the NA server (where I could play with a friend) and later transferred to the Japanese server. On the NA server where I played for roughly 8 months I didn't have any disciplinary issues. However, after transferring to the Japanese server, I got into trouble. I admit that initially I had issues transitioning to the Japanese server. Compared to NA, people on the Japanese server rarely use chat and when they do it seems far less hostile. Although my chat was never really all that bad, I understand how in the Japanese context my previous chat could have been considered hostile. Over time my chat had improved considerably. Yet 3 days ago my account was permanently banned and for the life of me I can't figure out what I said that could justify a permanent ban. Have a look: Game 1 FireNovaStar: \wtf FireNovaStar: i was stunned foreever FireNovaStar: nice FireNovaStar: game over?? FireNovaStar: JUNGLE FireNovaStar: we were pushed in the entire game FireNovaStar: not sure why you diddnt gank FireNovaStar: i dont speak japanese. [I said this in response to a teammate typing in Japanese. Just letting him/her know that I couldn't understand] FireNovaStar: runi FireNovaStar: DONT FireNovaStar: open your eyes plz FireNovaStar: wow FireNovaStar: wp FireNovaStar: why fight there??? FireNovaStar: they knew where you were FireNovaStar: better to back off and fight under tower FireNovaStar: sigh FireNovaStar: that gives them baron FireNovaStar: UNDER TURRET FireNovaStar: lol FireNovaStar: LOL FireNovaStar: GO IN FireNovaStar: what are you waiting for?? FireNovaStar: lol One thought I had was that there is a bias against using English in game and people are reporting me for it. (Just so everyone knows, I would say roughly 2/3 of people on the Japanese server are able to chat with me in English.) Although unlikely, I really can't think of another reason why the language above would justify a permanent ban. Appreciate your thoughts and any suggestions on actions I can take to get my account unbanned. I wouldn't care, except that I have put in roughly 200 USD into the account. Should I not use in game chat at all - even when trying to help other players? I feel like that is what Riot and their ban system are telling me... Thanks for your feedback.

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