Banned after 5 Years

Started league of legends 5 years ago, I use to never be toxic but the longer I experienced salt from others it started to rub off where it then escalated. My first ban (14 days) was when I typed "kys" in the chat (literally the only thing I said negative that whole game) and fair enough I was hit with the consequences. After experiencing this I came to realize that OCE's tribunal is actually doing their job ;) so decided to not let others get to me. But the one fateful ranked game after coming off a win with Azir a fellow summoner playing Kayn comes into my lane and dies. I then fairly state "please don't come back to my lane" which led to a not so happy Kayn response and the negative exchanges carried on till my nexus exploded at 32min and 28 secs. I am in no way saying what I did was not wrong I just want fellow summoners to know that the second they press enter on that message sprinkled with salt there is no going back and to just mute the Kayns of the world. I've lost the only account I have that was first created in season 2 and since then scrapped up a $1000+ inventory with over 2.5k hours. I'm going to take this Ban and learn from it. I will not attempt to appeal the ban till I feel I have become reformed which can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years +. Thanks guys, LittleSauce
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