How do you define Trolling?

I have long wondered how the community on average defines a troll, beyond the ever amusing Trundle meme{{champion:48}}. What do you board denizens consider trolling? Just the usual stuff, right? Those players who run it down lane just to die without even hitting the towers going "just having a bad game?" Those players who follow the jungle all game to steal their farm? The player that afks because he didn't get the gank he asked for because the jungle was on the other side of the map and the player was pushed to the tower and died from over extension gank? Personally, I think the greatest Trolls are the ones who refuse reasonable communication. 🌟 You know what I'm talking about. When you ask the support to hang back by the turret while you back, or at least stand behind minions, so they don't get pulled by Thresh or Blitzcrank and die to the ADC, but it all happens just like that anyways. Or when you politely suggest to your mid lane that if they are being camped then perhaps they shouldn't keep hyper pushing the lane and instead focus on last hit farming even if it's a little boring, but they tell you to stfu and continue to hyper push and get killed multiple more times saying "well if my dumb jungle would gank." Or the top laner who keeps trying to 1 v 1 the other top lane but they clearly can't, and you suggest that if they calm down and focus on catching up in level and farm for a bit they may later be able to take them and they reply with "say one more thing and I'm afking." Or you are trying to explain to your ADC/Primary farmer bot lane, who has Flash on cool down, that you are out of wards so you can't ward the bushes and if you stay pushed you may get ganked, they say they are muting you, then you get ganked and you both die and the ADC says "useless trash support. " Or you pick an "off meta" (forgive me for using fake terms) choice and simply because you are a pick they don't think is a good/proper pick they use it as a reason to invalidate everything you say even if it's logical, reasonable, or game winning. "stfu your a X trying to give advice what a dumb pick I hope you get banned stupid noob, etc. " While the vast majority of those scenarios are not all highly or even lowly punishable leave, they have just as much affect on the game as any running-it-down-the-lane insta-lock-afking-after-first-death role-steal-feeding jungle-chasing farm-stealing-just-because player. In both scenarios the players will do exactly what they want without care or consideration of consequence or how they are affecting the other players around them. The only difference between them, if any, is one does it out of malicious intent, while the other does it out of it ignorance and ego. Those who refuse reasonable communication. {{sticker:sona-playing}}
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