When it is ok to flame.

There are multiple types of personalities that play league. You have the passive players, the farmers and aggro ones. The passive players usually don't give up much other than cs if they are in trouble in lane or jg. Farmers are self explanitory. Aggro players usually have the most self esteem issues. The people who are going to win or lose the game for the other 9 players. If they pull it off, they are the hero! They get the honors from their team. If they don't pull it off and cost those players their time they full well deserve to be flamed. There needs to be punishment if when you get into the game it will not be decided on how you play but rather the ego of someone else. Riot should come up with a system to put those players in the same game or exemption should be ruled if their team hard flames them for wasting their time. Any alternatives i'm welcome to hear. This is for fairness. Wasting peoples times out of selfishness is rather arrogant at best.
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