Thank you for giving me a 10-game chat restrict, Riot.

Or should I say, *only* a 10-game chat restrict. So I was on my big ol losing streak (after being on a big ol winning streak) today and I was kind of sick of the bullshit 5/15/3 hard feeders, so I said to him "eff you". Now I wasnt hard flaming them, calling them degenerates, r-words, n-words or f-words (not the fuck word), but I was cussing and yelling at them. The point is, I wasn't being toxic but I was yelling and being very rude about their extremely bad performance, and I only got a 10-game chat restrict. The last time I called one single person who was flaming me "bad" and nothing worse, I got a whole 25-game chat restrict. I really appreciate this slap on the wrist, because I'm not a toxic person, but it keeps me in check. Ty Rito much love fix your matchmaking tho:){{sticker:vlad-salute}}
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