"Feeding in front of players", While just playing the game. Toxic Players keep living on.....

Hello Everyone, Thanks for reading my post if you had time to see it. I will explain my honesty to you all that I am truly an unskilled player, which I don't play well on PC Gaming, as I play more efficiently in Console Gaming ( such as PS4). So tonight I played a game in the twisted treeline mode, and one player LvL below me kept calling me out by cussing offensive words; was extremely angry at me. I reply saying "I'm just playing the game", he ignored the fact and kept providing me heat to deal with. Eventually, I ignored him and even he gets other players, trying to ban me for "feeding". He assumes I technically give up and let others win. No, I just play and help the team win the game. I just realize there are a lot of toxic players, that want to keep saying how they feel about criticizing "unskilled" players who try their best and win as much as possible. It's not healthy for those guys to break their emotional barriers, telling them how they should play without even giving tips and instructing them to do well. I know there will be some of you, who are true, loyal, kind players to help people in need. I feel that if riot lets this goes on, then some players will break into tears and I will be horrifically disgusted by their behaviour. I don't mind getting banned, I made sure he has been banned too for that sort of behaviour that is made. Imagine if that sort of action is made within the public...God's sake... In overwatch, there is not much toxicity as you just play a normal quick game (You do need to be careful however in competitive, as few gamers just get mad for dying much, while others on the other team laughed and mocked that dude). Another example is that some online PS4 games don't give a darn about players, as they have the right to play as how they like. However, in this Game, I feel that there is so much continuous toxicity within the river full of tears; making some players having a mental breakdown, which is really appalling and shameful. I want to say to people who are new to the game, Don't let these people get to your heart, they want to break you like some sort of unused phone. Be proud of who you are and live good for what you want to do! Stay safe! If you have the audacity to help others who suffer from this problem, then do so as they don't need to feel like animals trapped in wood cages, not allowing themselves to play the game as they want to cherish their moments. Sorry If I over exaggerate. I learned this from my English lessons and my Course. PEACE!
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