So if a player abuses and harasses me in game they dont get banned?

A few weeks ago I had some ignorant player abuse hell out of me, using curse words, racist slurs and everything else. I posted a support ticket as well as reported them in game although he hasn't been banned?, here's the ticket btw I know its not my job to run around and tell Riot hey whats going on here? and it isn't my business if they don't get banned although when someone breaches the summoner code I would assume there would be a direct punishment especially if someone does what is suggested above. To add on, I also go in contact with this player and I know for a fact that I shouldn't do that but we all know Riot doesn't do their job right so why not. This is what he had to say (None of this is edited) - Through the friend section chat: im plat 1 this is not my account buddy lemme know when you hit ur peak gold 3 kid Now obviously the fact that they said im a kid is an insult (not really) but more importantly they clearly stated that its not their account but there friends. This is a bannable offense according to the rules so why not, this was also attached to the support ticket and it was brushed over. so you waste time fromur life to sned riot i ticket to get my friends acount banned someethingisnt addingup Then on Saturday I received this - I saw this today because I haven't had internet for the past 5 days, one of the internet technicians disconnected us for no reason :| still not banned ***** asss probs not HAHAHAHA What I said this morning - Today ? shows how much the system works doesnt it This may all seem made up but if you need image proof I'm happy to provide although I still find it unacceptable from Riot to not punish someone for abusing players using racial slurs and etc. Like come on, you will ban someone who does the right thing but won't ban players who break every single rule. *edit: the down votes on this forum post..... not surprised, its like if someone says they want to kill me and shit like that, its fine
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