Banning account permanently isnt a solution

Hello everyone specialy those people that works at Riot. Banning permanently an account is both ineffective and robbing people. How many hours did we invest in those account and how much money did we put. I know i have over 100$ spread out on 2 accounts and I also know someone thats has over 1000$ spent on his. My first point is that Im down to my 7th or 8th account. That should tell you something. If words hurt the community so much ( and I agree, im not trying to excuse my actions) Why no just ban those words. Forever. Freedom isnt a good reason because Riot is certainly taking that away by banning the account. Just effin block the words and any derivation. Cant be that hard. "In this community we do not accept the use of offensive language and hurtful words, therefor any sentences contain anything that uses will be blocked" yady yada. You get the jist. You went into such lenght to make a "system" to "purge" the salt and 9 season later... Im still getting banned. Imagine if I couldnt use any bitching... I wouldnt even bother xD My second point is that fine you want to leave it up to us to be nice or not. I can get behind that. But our accounts shouldnt be banned forever. The YEARSSSSSSSSSS and the amount of stuff I have on my very first account are "!lost forever"? I dont see any reason to behave because my main "loot" is gone foever. But, on the other hand, if you did like CS 1.6 did back in the days, when someone got caught hacking, account would get banned for 1 year. HELL YES if had access back to my main and first stuff now after being banned for so long I wouldnt want to lose it again. I would make sure to stay in check or else I know its going to be a long time before I get back and be stuck with that small account with hardly anything on it. The things the way they are right now, If I get banned well screw it, ill just get stuck with an other small account, sucks but hey no real reason not to bitch at those noobs since im stuck with them for 3 months. So basically I feel like Riot has been incompetent in managing the issues and are trying to rob us and trick us in rebuying the stuff we had. I find the situation unfair and I hope that I am not the only feeling the same way. I know my attitude is the problem but I feel that either my solutions are both More Effective and More Fair in solving the issues. Anyways GFHL fellas
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