New to League and have Some Thoughts

1) Jesus, do you people play this to have fun? Because omg it doesn't seem like you're having fun when you fly into hysterics because someone else is bad at the game. If you don't like playing with people that are different skill levels than you, why do you play a team-based game to begin with? There are plenty of great, competitive 1v1 games like Star Craft you could be playing, so why do you keep playing a game that's going to give you a damn ulcer? 2) I truly don't understand the weird obsession with winning. I am happy when I do well, even when I lose. I've seen people get S on the losing side. It still totally happens. Why is it that people flip out when it becomes clear they are going to lose? Or - my god - even when they aren't losing, but someone makes a mistake? Are people really such babies that they can't be happy with their own performance? None of you will ever be pro. Seriously, if that's why you're so insane about it, you've got to chill out. It's never going to happen, and nobody in the world cares about your LoL rank, except, inexplicably, you. 3) No, 99% of the people you are flipping out at for "trolling" or "inting" or whatever are not actually doing those things. And this is the important part: _you are also aware of that_. I think in your weird, very deluded fantasy brain, you are hoping that they will either flip out back at you, or just admit they are bad. Newsflash, friends, most of us that are new are well aware of the fact that we are bad. I am very bad. I know it. But pretending that the only way someone could be bad is if it's intentional is just the most petulant child thing I've ever heard. You literally are trying to turn yourself into some kind of a victim because you got paired with someone that isn't very good at a damn video game. Please think about that for a moment. 4) Literally, this forum makes all the toxic crap worth it. Watching all these permabanned or chat banned players come on here and whiiiiiine and moooooan to each other and post their completely unhinged chat logs like, "SEE!?!?!? I didn't specifically tell him to self-harm!!! How tf do you get banned for this??? What ever happened to freedom of speech!?!?!" It's literally the best part about the game. Game is good, game can be fun if you get good, chill people on your team. But this is just wonderful. The schadenfreude is so strong here, lol. Anyways, those are my first impressions of this game's players. It is, of course, the minority, but it is still like, a very sizable amount of players. Enough that there is probably at least 1 per game I've played so far. I've played many team-based competitive games before, but holy smokes, never seen anything quite like this, not even in CoD. Now please, give me your saltiest, permabanned comments. I need them... for science.
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