A LPT that may help.

(LPT = Life Pro Tip) Granted some people this may very well not effect, such is all things. LPT: When you get angry because of some "minor" issues, ask yourself for how long you want to be angry. Often you will realize that being angry is a waste of time. [It ends with "and your mood will change." But I felt cutting it sounded better.] I only bring it up because I see people saying things like "you just aren't competitive", "why don't you get upset", "why is getting angry bad", etc. to people that don't lash/condone lashing out. When it may just be as simple as the tip. Being angry in the game is a waste of time. Lashing out isn't going to change the player x% of the time (I wanna say 97% but since I lack actual data, won't).
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