Have you had an account banned for comms that you spent more than 100 dollars on?

Hey all you Hot Headed League players! If you have had an account banned with more than 100 dollars in RP purchased its time to know the facts Let me explain. Within the League of Legends terms of service agreement in fine text it explains how your account, and everything attached to your account is the property of Riot Games Inc. That means that if you purchase RP and buy your account cosmetic skins and other bonuses, you are in fact not the owner of these, or any purchases made in the League of Legends store because they are linked to your account. This means that if your account is banned, all of the purchases you have made are lost in a manner of speaking. The account is never deleted, but it will no longer operate, as many of you may know. Even if you just purchased 100 dollars in RP right before you are banned, and never purchased anything from the store, that money is gone, and you will not be reimbursed. Riot has stood on this contract they force players to agree to before allowing them to create an account, but what many players who have been put through this do not know, is that there is in fact no legal precedent protecting this kind of legal agreement. For one, many of the players who have had accounts banned are not 16 years of age, and in many states are barred from entering into legally binding contracts. On top of that, Riot uses keywords in their online platform front such as "Store" "Purchase" and "Buy" which all imply ownership, and can be disputed in a court of law. Finally, a large majority of account bans are due to communication violations of the "Summoners Code" only possible through the communication platform Riot provides its players. In other words, Riot is providing players with the means to violate the Summoners Code with a chat system that is not required to play the game itself. Riot even begins punishing players by limiting this chat system, but then escalates the punishment with a one time suspension, followed by a permanent ban. Riot clearly could solve communication violations by limiting or removing a players ability to communicate, but instead they choose to remove accounts from players entirely. Through independent studies we now know that, of the players who do have accounts banned, over 90% of those players create new accounts, and continue to play League of Legends at a full capacity because Riot does not care if a player remakes an account, but instead "tries to limit toxicity by targeting the problem accounts themselves." Furthermore, of those players over 75% of them rebuy skins on their newly made accounts they have already purchased on their banned account. To put it plainly, Riot has made huge profits banning accounts. To try to explain this in a real world setting, imagine a venue which allowed people to come and play a team sport like football for free. They make you agree to a set of rules before entering the game, and in order to play you had to receive a plain Jersey from the company with a unique name binding it to you. They then allow you to purchase cosmetics for this Jersey they have given you. If you violated said rules the venue would not remove you, but instead they would just take your jersey, cosmetics and all, but you would be allowed to get yourself a second jersey with a new name, and continue to buy cosmetics for this new jersey. How much sense does that make in keeping unsportsmanlike players out of the venue? How is this stopping the problem? To be frank, this is not a normal business practice. Riot claims their permabans are to reduce toxicity, but really they are to increase revenue, and this runs along with Racketeering, which is a criminal offense where an individual or party offers a solution to a problem that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for the individual or parties existence, in our case it is the chat system provided by Riot Games. Obviously calling 911 if your account gets banned isn't going to get you very far, but that doesn't mean you have no legal rights, or that possible illegal violations are not being made against you. It has been left unchecked for so long because most of their target audience are adolescent and young adults who are not wise to this act, and do not know how to move forward when losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars to this scheme. If it wasn't about the money Riot would not ban accounts for communication violations. They would simply remove a players ability to communicate through chat, so we recommend looking into your legal options. It would be difficult to do anything alone against a money giant like Riot, but together there is a chance to stop these unfair practices.

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