I feel this account i shouldn't be banned. The words are out of context by themselves.

Chat logs please tell me if you think this was necessary of riot to ban me. Game 1 SlayerGoneW1ld: he is here go red SlayerGoneW1ld: too late can't leash SlayerGoneW1ld: sorry SlayerGoneW1ld: def autofill support SlayerGoneW1ld: gg SlayerGoneW1ld: top feeding SlayerGoneW1ld: and top is 3 of those SlayerGoneW1ld: ward abush SlayerGoneW1ld: holy shit SlayerGoneW1ld: yes we can't see anything SlayerGoneW1ld: omg SlayerGoneW1ld: can't get enough of the autofills SlayerGoneW1ld: he is feeding SlayerGoneW1ld: can't help top SlayerGoneW1ld: WTF SlayerGoneW1ld: LEAVE MY LANE SlayerGoneW1ld: report garen SlayerGoneW1ld: not toxic SlayerGoneW1ld: 7-2 top SlayerGoneW1ld: 4-0 mf SlayerGoneW1ld: yeah SlayerGoneW1ld: gg SlayerGoneW1ld: report top and jungle gg SlayerGoneW1ld: yes SlayerGoneW1ld: i have a autofill team SlayerGoneW1ld: top jungle and support SlayerGoneW1ld: gg SlayerGoneW1ld: shv has came bot 4 times not to gank but to steal my farm SlayerGoneW1ld: top tower SlayerGoneW1ld: is still SlayerGoneW1ld: full hp SlayerGoneW1ld: imagine that SlayerGoneW1ld: nice flash mf SlayerGoneW1ld: silver players... SlayerGoneW1ld: check my top SlayerGoneW1ld: well your 3-6 so keep talking SlayerGoneW1ld: i have an autofill support SlayerGoneW1ld: yep SlayerGoneW1ld: report shyv Game 2 SlayerGoneW1ld: why does everyone have that vi skin SlayerGoneW1ld: sneaky sneaky SlayerGoneW1ld: i was hiding! SlayerGoneW1ld: no support SlayerGoneW1ld: fuck he left SlayerGoneW1ld: sion gone for 5 minutes SlayerGoneW1ld: report sion SlayerGoneW1ld: dont care SlayerGoneW1ld: reporting him SlayerGoneW1ld: report sion SlayerGoneW1ld: muted SlayerGoneW1ld: not voting yes SlayerGoneW1ld: wasn't raised quiter like you SlayerGoneW1ld: 15 minute dc SlayerGoneW1ld: bullshit game SlayerGoneW1ld: sion says dc sorry at 20 minutes SlayerGoneW1ld: what a joke SlayerGoneW1ld: had no support since 5 minutes
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