Here is How RIOT Suspension system works.

Hi guys, **So i got suspension 14 days for below chat ** Game 1 CGIMKOS: lol way to focus support CGIMKOS: thx CGIMKOS: honestly can u atack adc not support, 3rd time u doing it CGIMKOS: i am titled as fck. I don more supporting than anyone else CGIMKOS: nah fck it CGIMKOS: can ask yu the same blitz, all game u were away from bot, and once u were there u were focusing support CGIMKOS: when there is fight 2v2, and both of them attack me. while you attack support and i attack adc. they kill me fast and then kill CGIMKOS: if i am bad why u ping me now? carry the game since u know how to play it CGIMKOS: go ahead reprot me for not grouping with you. I am so gonna be banned for that "reason" []( **I opened a ticket to ask why did I get suspension because it seemed extremely unfair. And here is what I got: ** **EMAIL from SUPPORT:** _Hey CGIMKOS, It looks like you are upset towards your teammate in this game and you are pretty degrading towards them. If this was the first offense it wouldn't have resulted in a two week suspension, but as we have already given you two previous chat restrictions we felt the need to resort to a two week suspension in this case. Borrower Riot Games Player Support_ **My answer: ** _Hello Borrower, Can you clarify and specify exact words which apparently considered "upset towards your teammate" and especially "degrading towards them" ? "If this was the first offense it wouldn't have resulted in a two week suspension" => I perfectly understand that first offence would not resulted in a 2 week suspension (as I also mentioned in my first email), but the problem here is that I can't understand how regular communication is considered an "offense". I will repeat again my question why do I receive 2 week suspension on a regular communication with a team ? Because I was not all inspiring and motivating? Is only "positive thinking" communication allowed? Teammates are not allowed to exchange thoughts anymore? Not a single rude word was used nor any communication had anything offensive. Are we now suppose to play only the way our team wants us to under fear that we will be otherwise suspended/banned?? Because clearly I got reported and apparently now suspended for not grouping with a team to do Baron (that caused all those reports) By the way, the most confusing part here is "upset toward your teammate". Sorry if my teammate verbally abuses me and blames me for losing the game (although he was far from a good player himself), I suppose to be all happy? What if he really offended me and hurt my feelings and now I was all sad and depressed. But hey, don't worry, "kind" riot will give me 2 week suspension on top because that is the way Riot promotes bullying. P.S. I am not quite sure why do you guys even have a chat in a game. Just turn it off for everyone (leave only pings) because any communication according to your "system" somehow considered "degrading" and gives away bans and makes people stop playing for good. P.S.S Or may be it is the way for you guys make more money so you can ban accounts and make people start all over and spend money again? _ **Email 2:** _"lol way to focus support" for starters, is making fun of your teammate for who they chose to focus (which is completely their choice). "I don more supporting than anyone else" is basically saying that your support is useless. That being said, if there are no further questions I will be closing this ticket. Borrower Riot Games Player Support_ **My Answer: ** _We are far from closing this ticket. You just opened the door for quite a conversation. ""I don more supporting than anyone else" is basically saying that your support is useless." - What I said is that I do too much supporting, MORE than ANYONE else (did not even relate to support teammate). It is funny how you took my words then "assumed" whatever was convenient for you just to justify your suspension "system" which is clearly not working right way. Player says "right" but Riot decided that word sounded like "left" so lets just give a suspension for that <= that s pretty much what you just told me. ""lol way to focus support" for starters, is making fun of your teammate for who they chose to focus (which is completely their choice)" = > I am not denying that it is his choice to focus support, that s why I didn't tell him "STOP focusing support" all i said it is funny that he focused support. So apparently laughing is a restriction in a game? May I ask than what are we allowed to do during the game? Seems like having fun we are not allowed but being upset/sad we are not allowed as well. What other "hidden" rules are there? Apparently verbally abusing teammate is fine but word "Lol" is "Degrading" towards team. I can't actually believe that this is your justification for my suspension. P.S. I will make sure to post all this conversation on the forum so community will see how "fair" is your punishment system. Just more evidence that your system is focused not on cleaning community but generating more cash._ **Conclusion: I don't know how about you but I am shocked with RIOT. Their system is way far now from helping community to eliminate bad behaviour. It just gives bans for anything. What are your thoughts on that ? **

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