Rank Shaming bronze,gold,silver players

Since i've gotten into silver 1 and then gold 5 if I start doing bad at any point a *superior player* will start to lecture me on map knowledge and going after objectives and that I don't know how to play my champion JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA then I always get called a T Y P I C A L G O L D S I L V E R P L A Y E R by a bunch of fucking people W H O A R E A L S O I N S I L V E R A N D G O L D, just when I felt like I was actually reforming and being a good person to my teammates in league I get a bunch of passive aggressive knowitall junglers and supports who shame people in thier own rank for being I N T H A T R A N K. If Overwatch actually had any kind of a fair rank system I would have quit league a couple weeks ago. I can't even improve like a normal player improves by playing the goddamn game without getting harassed and called out for it by triggered teammates.
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