Everyone who defends the "combat against toxicity". How do you explain this?

https://i.imgur.com/5PzqOUN.jpg "We are really trying to improve the community and make it more inclusive, we are the good guys, NO we don't advocate for a hypersensitive attitude, people who say that are just "tOxIc". This isn't a witch hunt, that creates more social conflicts than it solves. We are not creating an environment where players unlearn normal social interaction and get triggered by the smallest stuff such as a ping or a completely neutral question or comment. Reporting people that make you feel "uncomfortable" is perfectly reasonable, it doesn't reduce the quality of communication or even teamplay to the lowest possible common denominator." You really believe that? I hope not. But I really have to wonder what went through Riots head when they DECIDED to write such a "tip". I'd love to know the reasoning behind this.
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