It's always our responsibility to keep our control to not flame and be toxic.

But what if it's Riot's fault and their designers? Whether balance or champion designers etc. We are human beings, and we all have a breaking point. But our breaking point can be reached without taking too much that it doesn't matter if you even take breaks between matches. To my experience, I once played vs a Zoe and despite winning the lane and even the game, I was frustrated and pissed solely of how that champion is and flamed the enemy Zoe to oblivion. 2nd example was Viktor top. This time I lost because of how unbalanced Viktor top was and no matter what I did I lost anyway. He was that tilting for sure. What do you think? My thought would be: It's our responsibility to keep our cool but also Riot's responsibility to not add frustrating things to this game or even allow certain diversity that can prove toxic. Even the most calm person known to mankind will break from this game. Edit: Oh so riot's bad decision on what to add is certainly keeping you all tilt-proof right? There is no way nobody got pissed off from a champion or a change of any sort.
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