"You have no reason to report me"

CONTEXT: I enter champion select and see our jungler hovering Yasuo once four of us banned a champion (I didn't because I was wondering what to ban). So I ban it. I know, it's scumbag move, blame me. But what that guy does next is what I'm going to ask if it's a reason to make a legitimate report, just because I can. ---- I want to put an emphazis on the fact Kalista hovered Yasuo once she probably though we've all banned a champion so we can't ban Yasuo. If you don't have malicious intentions you either hover from the very beginning your intent or not at all (that's what I've observed anyway). Be that as it may be. Once I banned Yasuo she writes: Jungler: lol wp adc trolling Me: How? Jungler: You banned my champion Me: I don't want a Yasuo jungle Jungler: Fine, you won't have a Yasuo jungle. You may not have a jungler at all. Then he hovers Xin Zhao for nearly his entire time window for picking a champion and then swaps to Kalista and locks her in. Nobody says a thing. --- We all load into the game, start as normal, everybody does whatever they have to. We (me and Braum) leash her even when we could've ignored her. The whole game she says nothing at all. **NOT A THING.** She only literally AFK farms the jungle without helping lanes. Only went to feed their mid one kill, pretending she's trying. I haven't been watching her, but she snagged a kill and 6 assists here and there when she just didn't have any choice. Even took a dragon 'cause we were there, else she probably would've given a kill to Kayn pretending she's trying to secure it. In a couple places she even stands and fights, for example Twitch, and dies. She is incredibly far behind, she knows she's gonna lose and doesn't run instead of fighting. --- When the game is over the chat is this: Renekton: Report this troll Kalista jungle pls Kalista: I tried lol Twitch: It's not a troll Kalista: Report ADC maybe, no? Twitch: It works Kalista: ADC ban my champ and I try Kalista, what is the problem? Don't blame me for the loss :S Me: Oh, REALLY? Hahaha, sure troll. Kalista: You are man. Me: How? Renekton: We don't blame you, we report you. Kalista: Cool, kiss. Me: Hahah Kalista: You can report, you got no reason. Kiss. --- So my question is - is this report worthy. Punishment worthy. When it's the general behaviour of a troll? Granted, me banning Yasuo may be reportable as well. She intentionally lost us the game and masked it in the exact way a troll with the intent to lose their team's game would. To me her actions fall under griefing 100%. "Using aspects of the game in an unintended way to intentionally anger and execute negative behaviour in an online game."
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