Hundreds of hours and dollars wasted.

The location of this discussion seems fitting. Im well aware i will never recieve a refund, though the physical and health issues that have risen due to this game should be enough for a refund. As a player who does well with a team, terribly in the solo world, and as a member of the community for 6-7 years now i have to say this game has been a huge waste. I came into this game and its community in season 2, and after watching the esports side ive longed to reach a skill level worthy of esports in league. Ive grinded for 5 years now to get out of silver, and ive spent hundreds of dollars on this game in skins alone. It became a passion and a dream ive wanted to reach... but ive come to realize the health defects that have come about from this game. I started detaching from reality and basing my ability to progress in life, on my ability to progress in this game. Ive been stuck in silver now for 6 years and have questioned my ability to get any further in life on getting to gold... if i cant reach a goal of gold in a video game, how can i amount to anything? at 22 ive now been diagnosed with chronic depression, axiety, and a decline in my sense of self worth, which has deteriorated my physical health as well. This game is literally killing me.... So to better myself and hopefully remove the negative impact its had on my health, im uninstalling the game. I know devs could care less about the affects of the game on someone, let alone the community itself considering the only part of the community that has come to matter to this company and its developers, is the esports community. Hell the community doesnt even care about the community. this game and its community has become a cash grab and an arrogantly toxic waste of time. This game could have been so much better, but now it seems to be nothing but a clusterfuck of false hope.
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