League of Legends I Think Has Changed Who I Am As A Person

League of Legends, while a fun game, has I think changed me. I tend to get more angry and lose my temper more quickly. I no longer enjoy reading books or spending time with my family as much. I also used to be able to stop myself from gaming at any time. Now I can't. Before, I could say, "I'll play for 2 hours, then do some homework." And I could. Now I say that for league and can't stop after just 2 hours. And for some reason, I don't really enjoy League that much, but I still play it and can't stop. It's also made me a lot more introverted now. I hate the thought of being away from being able to play League. Because of this, I've stopped wanting to go on trips that usually would have excited me. I was wondering if anyone had any tips for quitting League?
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