Gold/Plat elo is the most cancerous thing I've ever seen :)

So first, I'll talk about how the elo is supposed to be: the gold/plat elo was, many years ago, a place between silver and diamond where you could've train to be a better player, where you could've learn about how to play properly, how to be nice with your teammates... AND NOW, THIS IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. I've been playing in Gold for a while now and in plat only for a few months but I swear I've never seen a community going THAT BAD in toxicity and unsportsmanlike conduct. I can play every role of this game and I'm not bad at least on all of them, BUT, every game that I've been playing for the last two or three weeks were just a concentrate of toxics people that just intentionally fed the enemies or just flaming hard because the toplane can't wait the jungler to fight, people the botlane can't wait too and the midlaner gets ganked by two different guys due to the advantage given by the other lanes. To resume a bit everything, every game, as a jungler, I can't even take my lvl 3 that 2 or 3 of my allies are dying and spam pinging me, the jungler that is apparently supposed to be fucking everywhere on the map. I'm pretty tired of this community and of how Riot seems not to care about the community and how insanely bad it's going. I'm reporting every toxic one for many weeks now, some of them did serious intentional feeding and I've got NO FEEDBACK, NO ONE OF THEM HAS BEEN BANNED OR PUNISHED... BUT! If you say a bad word, Riot will ban you for your entire life and further, because It's not cool :/ This topic is supposed to explain how the community is becoming insanely toxic, I hope someone from Riot will see this post and maybe react a bit. I'll not talk about the anti-community like anti-french because some of them deserve it, not all of them, but 70% of them completely deserve it. I'll finally end this way-too-long-post by saying that I've been toxic many years ago and I don't really like how people that ruined many games by inting can't be banned and how other people can be banned just by saying bad words by tilting hard because of these run-down-people.
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