Odyssey missions dont work because.....

The community has too much pride and arrogance to work together too greedy and self centered to actually want to help players. a smug, elitist sense of self importance. Think About it. You have players who are required to work TOGETHER (Good luck with that miracle) and put thier EGO asside. How many times have missions been failed because a person basically says "well I already did that mission so it doesnt concern me" Or decide that when the team needs to group, they want to secure more eliminations and get more points for themselves off in the corner. Had games where One player is left alive with kayn, and rather than actually try and revive teammates, they will run away and try and sit in a corner to try and "solo" kayn while the rest of the team has to sit and watch in respawn, expecting to lose because ONE PLAYER wants to be the "hero" that wins the whole match and proves how "op" they are by taking down a full health kayn by themselves. Much like the rest of this game hemmoraging players, the missions actually require people to put asside thier ego and sense of superiority, to be the "solo carry" and actually help others. But No, this community of coddled snowflakes are too busy patting themselves on the back while they tell thier teammates how "Trash" they are for not having a double digit kda and 3 pentas. no, Riot has pushed the whole "solo carry" to the point where teamwork is a thing of the past, in most games teams dont try and work together, they are too busy bragging how "pro" they are and how they are "Too good for this team" while at the same time calling for "KS report" on anyone other than them who secures a kill. Jungler got the kill and helped clear the lane? dont bother using that to push the tower and get the team ahead. Nah! THe better option is to kick and scream about how your "Troll jungler ks'ed" you and how now you are going to afk. In missions a pleyer can make a suggestions "Hey maybe we should clear out the kog artillery" only to get told to "Stfu" before they spam every item in your build in some form of public humiliation. (And thats what it is, thats why they ping your items. Its not to draw YOUR attention to it. Its intended to draw the REST of the team's attention to your build so they can turn around and mock you for it the ENTIRE game) I keep getting surveys asking if I would reccomend league to a friend. I wouldnt reccomend this game to my worst enemy. The sense of smug self-entitlement and the feeling that rather than play the game, this community would rather sit around expecting thier team to powder thier ass. "Please, Powder my ass and tell me how amazing I am, But dont take any of MY kills or I will report you for KS" Yeah way to go riot, you pushing the "solo carry" thing has turned a team game into a collection of back-stabbing, self-centered narcissists. and this is why your odyssey missions breed so much toxicity. Take a team game, then tell each player "You are so powerful, You dont need your team. You can win the match all on your own. Get enough kills and you wont need a team" and then wonder why everything breaks down when teams are too busy talking about how hard they "Carry this trash team"

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