Please help me

... i just got my account suspended and its not fair.,.... i spend all this time and effor to make this a goosd acc and they fcking took it,... im. i got my warning and i didnt flame agauin. now it was my gold 3 promos and let me tell you what happened. please hear me out thi is not fair please...........this disgusting player was in out team and he was mid. out otplaner asked him if he could piclk him yasuo and he agreed. then, he told our toplaner to go malphite and so he did. then he did not accept the trade and when the game started he started laughing and said: you thought i was gonna trade with you? .... all game long he continued to flame and being toxic. my adc, xayah, was also flaming me for some reason that i dont understand.... they were both so toxic and all i did was tell the enemy team to report them for ruining my promos... this is NOT FAIR. i ve spent so much time into this account and oits jsut not fair that these toxic people can do that to me. look at the chat log: Game 1 Pre-Game konkopt: hi team konkopt: doint ban threwsh konkopt: try to have good combo konkopt: oh no konkopt: no konkopt: dont do it konkopt: donjt konkopt: DONT DO IT konkopt: DONT konkopt: FEKING konkopt: DO IT konkopt: NO konkopt: NO konkopt: ONOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO konkopt: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO konkopt: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO konkopt: I konkopt: AM GONNA konkopt: ANIHILATE HIM konkopt: FUUUUUUUUCK konkopt: its ok konkopt: im ap konkopt: yea konkopt: combo konkopt: nice In-Game konkopt: omg konkopt: omg konkopt: yasuo is getting reported konkopt: malph konkopt: try to win please konkopt: this is my promos konkopt: ]yasuo reported konkopt: please rpeort yasuo konkopt: he didnt trade wqith malph konkopt: remake konkopt: remalke konkopt: remake konkopt: REMAKE THIS konkopt: WE SDTILL HAVE A CHANCE konkopt: I NEG UJ konkopt: OMFG konkopt: XAYAHG konkopt: WHY konkopt: THE FEK konkopt: DID U CONNECT konkopt: YASUO IS TROLLING konkopt: report konkopt: please konkopt: yasuo konkopt: he told malph to go malph konkopt: malph please bro konkopt: i beg u konkopt: these are my promos konkopt: u are 0/3 konkopt: cause u are not trying konkopt: fck yasuo konkopt: who cared sabout that toxic little kid konkopt: THRESH COMING MID konkopt: ??????????? konkopt: LOL konkopt: WAHT konkopt: cuase i said to malph konkopt: dont care about this toxic little kid yasuo? konkopt: he doesnt know how to play malph konkopt: CAUSE YASUO MADE HJIM THINK HE D TRADE konkopt: ok konkopt: just rep yas konkopt: pls konkopt: this is my promos konkopt: gj konkopt: gj konkopt: WHY DIVE konkopt: WE OOK 2 KILLS konkopt: BACK konkopt: ??????????? konkopt: IM NOT TOXIC konkopt: IM JUST TYPING konkopt: U ARE TOXIC konkopt: FLAMING ME konkopt: omg im just gonna mute everyone konkopt: toxic evberywhere konkopt: repdd konkopt: malph konkopt: ty for playing this konkopt: rly konkopt: gj konkopt: whats this game konkopt: who? konkopt: oh i have her muted konkopt: she saisdrepotr me didnt she konkopt: dont rep her konkopt: no konkopt: we can win konkopt: idc konkopt: ? konkopt: WE CAN STILL WIN konkopt: NO FF konkopt: STOP TALKNIG konkopt: thresh u scripting bro konkopt: xd konkopt: WE CAN STILL WIN THIS konkopt: gj konkopt: group konkopt: dont give potnless kills konkopt: its not lost konkopt: we are all late gmaew konkopt: malph konkopt: go full ap konkopt: please konkopt: xayah i had flashed konkopt: oif u had healed i would have helped u mrope konkopt: yasuo still flaming me konkopt: after having trolled konkopt: MALOPH konkopt: GO FULL AP konkopt: MALPH GO FULL AP konkopt: YES konkopt: ITS NEW BUILD ] konkopt: LEARN TO PLAY konkopt: gg wp konkopt: please all report yasuo and xayah for flame konkopt: reprot me why konkopt: tell me konkopt: the reason konkopt: now konkopt: tell konkopt: toxic? konkopt: 18 assists konkopt: u trolled konkopt: and u are getting banned konkopt: this is my ptromos and u made malph pick malph for fun"? konkopt: and im toxic? konkopt: u ve beenflaming me konkopt: all game konkopt: u and xayah konkopt: whatever konkopt: enjoy ban konkopt: gg wp Post-Game konkopt: gg w konkopt: please report xayah for flaming me all game long konkopt: and yasuoo for torlling konkopt: just lost 1 promo konkopt: only heca was playing konkopt: and malph konkopt: .... konkopt: these kids ruin this community konkopt: i hate them so much konkopt: whats ur purpose konkopt: whats ur luife konkopt: disgusting i know i should have mutyed and played but i jsut couldnt. i just couldnt. i just cant . this is not fair. i ve been so calm for so damn long and now they jsut pushed me over the edge.i cant. i get perma banned cause of these 2 toxic people ?? this is jsut not fiar. im human, i cant be an angel. i get suspended for being a human being? i just cant even...phhhh if u are gonna give me this in my promos , how do uexpect me to stay calm. and i did stay calm. i just. these people cant do that to me. 2 people report me and i get perma banned becuase i was standing up for my toplaner and myslef in my promos? they were telling enemy team to report me and i HAD TO type too and explain so they dont. i was afraid xause i had already gotten my warning so i wanted to make it clear that i wasnt being the toxic one , as xayah said. please help me get it back and if its that neseceerry i ll just have chat logs disabled and never type again in my life. please make this so rioters or smone can see this and give me my acc back. this jusdt isnt fair. 2 toxic people have the power to do this? i know you will say its not about them and about what i said but im human. i cant stand there being accused and not explainging things os i dont get reported and banned for no reason. i beg you give my acc back edit: this weird stuff i say in the beginning with on no and dont do it wer cause enemy was about to pick my thresh so nothing toxic there, but riot cant tell that without context so .... also at the end i was typing that stuff after they had all leaved the lobby so i was jsut writing that for fun... but again, riot appearently cant have contect so there goes all my hardwork, my effort, my support to the community , even my money... this is unaceptable and most of all not fair. i beg u give me back my account. i care about it too much. i dont even care if you ban the other 2 cause they wont care about it if they troll in ranked just for fun. im so tilted..... this isnt fair

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