Is trolling just considered okay?

I just played a game with an anivia that took smite, stole my jungle, repeatedly walled me off from being in the jungle/leaving it. No toxic words exchanged at all between us. The botlane and top were upset and flaming us. We all eventually agreed to just open mid after a 15:00 4/1 surrender vote. This seems like the most obvious definition of trolling/griefing. I made a support ticket with footage of the game included as well as report after. What am I to think of this? I'm not even toxic anymore, i just mute and move on. But what am I supposed to do about actual trolling? Does it get detected at all by the system? I wanna be toxic and I hate this dude for ruining a game that woulda just went either way, but i know thats obviously a way to get banned. So why play? This is kind of aids to be stuck with someone asshole in a game. Its hard not to just wanna afk or leave or whatever when you're FORCED to waste 20 minutes of everyone elses time as well. What would you guys do? I'm not pissed tf out, im just bummed out that this is kinda how it is. If im feeling like a bitch, can i just troll and be totally unpunished? It seems like thats the mentality. "If theyre doing it and go unpunished, ill do it too." Its extremely toxic to think this way but imo i think thats how it usually begins.
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