It's our time to take action against stupidity; How i like to make asshats suffer.

Heyo, It's time to find a way to deal with assholes. Many people say Riot's banning system does not work, or that they don't know what they're doing. This is to a point true. But figuring out player behaviour and splitting genuine asshats and simply tilted, usually positive players is an extremely hard thing to do, especially with a community like this, saying "they could do better", or "they just need to do this" is very easy for us. But if Riot begins tightening the leash then imagine just how much baacklash they would get for the amount of non toxic players that would get banned for off hand remarks during extremely tilted or stressful games, as well as being berated for trying to appeal for snowflakes and being told that if the snowflakes cant take it then they simply shouldnt play. Riot is balancing a thin line here. and we should understand that. So we have to try and take action instead. I'm here posting to try and fight back to these scum fuck piece of shit motherfuckers that will ruin this game for 4 other players simply because they wouldnt get blue or red or the kill. Remember that this will only really work on people who are flaming in chat. People who feed silently are the true scum of the earth and should always be reported. RULE 1: Do not give them what they want. Do not argue with these people. This is what they are going for. Arguing with them will only further their need to be a fucking imbecile. RULE 2: If you are unable to do avoid typing in chat then make use of the mute function Many people have never touched the mute function and instead have always tried to argue with them. Please. Try it out. It wont work 100% but it will make your game surprisingly calm and much easier to handle, sometimes even have you win the game. You'll be amazed at how often peope will calm down if you do not say anything. They'll feel embarrassed that they are the only one typing in chat, screaming into the void while their other 4 teammates don't even turn around to speak to them. This is the best treatment we can give assholes. Complete silence. Remember. These pieces of shit are not worth your time. Let them know that and leave them alone in their sad lives. RULE 3: If you DO want to respond, then always passive aggresiveness is key. Polite discrimination is dangerous. But when used against these people is extremely satisfying as they are the ones who deserve it. I like to play the part of the League support desk and always start off with There are two ways to do this. The first is the belittling helper. The point of this is not to give them advice and simply call them out calmly on their shit. "Hello Summoner! It appears you are having difficulty keeping up with your team and are currently dragging everyone down. Please remember to ward, play safely and check out mobafire to correctly build your items!" Using humor will get a surprising amount of positive from other teammates and stop the rest of the team from getting tilted. The second way is to genuinely help out. The thing with starting out with "Hello Summoner!" Is to throw people off, dont be informal and feed them genuine tidbits of advice. In once had a yasuo having the shittest time alone with a Yorick top lane. "Hello Summoner! It appears the lane is getting difficult. The opponent currently has the item lead and will be outrading you due to such lead. Farming carefully and moving from lane phase to midgame will allow you to carefully pick your fights. Good luck!" You're not a team mate telling them what to do. You're siri stating the facts like a hearthstone helper rating your deck. The yasuo eventually started playing carefully and we won the game as he hit his power spike. Remember to choose what version to do depending on whether its a genuinely tilted teammate that's simply having a shit time or the scum of the earth, trash eating mongoloid that deserves to be belittled/ignored. EDIT: Rule 4: Don't rage pass on the post game screen As much as we complain about reports not doing anything every little bit helps, dont forget to click that report button! Alrighty. Have fun out there Summoner. Always remember to decide whether or not your teammate is a %%%%, or someone having a shit time. Respond accordingly by calmly stating facts, and advice as the neutr%%%%dvisor. That way if they continue playing badly then it's because they haven't been listening and are genuinely bad and have noone else to blame. Otherwise mute them. Some people are too far into the trash bin that digging them out will only leave you covered in it GL AND HF! AND FUCK FEEDERS AND TROLLS.

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