if someone goes past 0/15 it should flag their account

i'm not saying instaban, i'm saying *flag* their account to at least have someone look at it. just had a player who went 0/16/2, refused to group, ran it down multiple times without using abilities you *cannot* tell me that they weren't trolling. there was 0 communication and *NO ONE FLAMED THEM* rarely do games last long enough to get 15 deaths, and even when they do generally everyone on the team has multiple kills. (edit) i'm mainly referring to *ranked* games, not games where there are new players or people playing new things. (new edit) instead of personally replying to each comment that is saying the same thing (what about supports going 0/15/? and a ton of assists) how many games do you ever see a support die that many times? lets be real here, it's not many, and if it happens even a few times nothing would happen to them as long as it wasn't because they were inting. i think it's safe to say that at least half of leagues toxicity problem
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