Only goes to show that typing in chat alot + people who are mad at you reporting you = ban.

10 game chat ban. only goes to show how the automatic system is so flawed and players who get salty, rage at others, and troll will never be banned. all they need to do is report you and because you typed a lot the system will assume the worst. "Guilty until proven innocent" ban system. edit: this is what my logs looked like Game 1 In-Game HYPERHARDW: guard red pls HYPERHARDW: just hold the point HYPERHARDW: joins late HYPERHARDW: now lane disadvantage HYPERHARDW: smh HYPERHARDW: i hate when ppl do this HYPERHARDW: do it right now HYPERHARDW: you wont HYPERHARDW: just did HYPERHARDW: do it HYPERHARDW: gotta love wannabe toxic players HYPERHARDW: *yawn* HYPERHARDW: without naut ur nothing HYPERHARDW: lol HYPERHARDW: ok dude HYPERHARDW: walk away HYPERHARDW: anivia HYPERHARDW: next time can you keep fighting? HYPERHARDW: yw HYPERHARDW: its too advanced for her HYPERHARDW: its worth HYPERHARDW: jax behind HYPERHARDW: top is even HYPERHARDW: no chance that ends well HYPERHARDW: ok HYPERHARDW: start it HYPERHARDW: im coming HYPERHARDW: ? HYPERHARDW: mb HYPERHARDW: that was mb HYPERHARDW: grandma called lol HYPERHARDW: i will avenage u HYPERHARDW: i jumped in and got stunned my gnar HYPERHARDW: who am i gonna jump on? HYPERHARDW: i would die HYPERHARDW: i dont kill him HYPERHARDW: because i thought you were engaging HYPERHARDW: go ahead HYPERHARDW: you do realize i have a cooldown on e HYPERHARDW: lol HYPERHARDW: stop typing HYPERHARDW: i have a cd on e HYPERHARDW: lol HYPERHARDW: you run in miss q then expect me to e when i anticipated you actually hitting it HYPERHARDW: my bad HYPERHARDW: let me guess HYPERHARDW: my fault HYPERHARDW: whatever HYPERHARDW: ill climb out of this mess playing top HYPERHARDW: lol HYPERHARDW: i say yes HYPERHARDW: its over HYPERHARDW: ................... HYPERHARDW: jinx afk at 3 minutes because "trash jg" then flames me all game lol HYPERHARDW: "trash jg" :so bad" screaming my kdas...... HYPERHARDW: there we go HYPERHARDW: makes sense Post-Game HYPERHARDW: ill admit i played like trash HYPERHARDW: but HYPERHARDW: what did i do HYPERHARDW: thats toxic HYPERHARDW: ........ HYPERHARDW: because cc HYPERHARDW: literally killed me every single time
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