Stop queueing me with people I reported last game

I sadly lost my last few games. It's early in the morning in EUNE so I know the playerbase is thin but the queue isnt even too long. In the last 3 games I've had the same 2 people in my games. Once on the enemy team, twice on my team. Game 1: The previous Fiora topside, called my toplaner an autistic virgin kid and spammed the chat. Game 2: Same Fiora on my Team this time. Spammed the chat telling us she will piss on our faces and other insults. Edit: To Round up game 3 now. My Midlane Fizz who was Zed in the last 3 games was generally negative and told people they are bad, spammed pings when someone died etc., my ADC came back eventually to let everyone know that I am a boosted animal and Fizz and I deserve cancer and that both our families die and apparently trolling cuz I took the enemy blue (Solo!), before that Fizz taxed her for a gank and she left the game. Fiora/Kha let me know that am mentally ill and just suck overall. Keep in mind, these are all the same people (dunno about my ADC, but 2 people here at least) I had to report that Fiora/Kha/Zed three times so far. And this is gonna be the third time. Game hasn't even started and shes already talking bullshit again. **Can you stop queueing me with people I reported please Riot?** Edits: My ADC also just wished cancer upon my midlaner and me and that he hopes my mother does because a dog fucks her to death. My previously Fiora, now Kha Jungle, just left the game for no apparent reason (edit: came back) In all fairness, my topside Trynda seems to be a pretty chill dude tho And most importantly, this kinda proofs that the Instant Feedback System is barely effective at all. How many times do I need to listen to *the same people* wishing me cancer in consecutive games, before they get a chatban? Why do I have to experience this in a game where the developer claims that they are combating toxicity.
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