What do you thunk of this situation?

Hello. Yesterday i got perma banned because of s game 2 days ago. I was playing with 2 of my friends on a normal draft game. In champ select we happend to stumble across the most annoying kid that I’ve seen. One of my friends was jungle and the kid was support. The kid said he wasn’t gonna play support and that he was gonna go jungle. When we tried to say anything he would always respond with XD lol lmao and he was acting like he could do whatever he wanted. Me and my friends were on discord so we talked a bit about what should we do. Finally we said screw this kid and we decided to all go jungle and we thought maybe he will leave champ select if he sees 4 people with smite. Unfortunately the game started. The kid started to call me and my friends his slaves and we try to not say anything. Both of my friends eventually gave in and started flaming him. I tried so goddamn hard to not say anything but he kept on calling us slaves and i just snapped. I told him twice kys and that was the end of the story for me. The day after i played this game i got banned. I know its wrong to flame and to tell people kys but i really couldn’t take it anymore. I know i should’ve muted him and i now regret not doing it. I got the 14 dat ban about 3 weeks ago. In the 3 years that i have been playing i got 2 bans in the same month. It’s been a really ban month not just because of this but also personal problems and i think thats why I couldn’t hold back anymore. I don’t know if someone can check the date when the bans happened but if you can go for it to see that im not lying. I have been a normal player until this month. One more thing,about 3 weeks ago before i got the 14 day ban,i had a huge problem with the game. After champ select the game just would not start for me. It would just leave me with the client and the option for reconnecting wasn’t working. For 3 ranked games this happened and i got the leaverbuster penalty. One of my friends told me that this may have caused me to slip further into this ban. Is that true and if so is it considered a system error. And btw i made a ticket for this problem so if you can check that,again, do it to see that I’m not lying. So what do you guys think of this? I think the ban was justified. One of the friends that i was playing with thinks it’s bs and that i need to speak to someone about this. Unfortunately for me i made a ticket about this, i asked 2 more questions after someone replied and now nobody is responding.
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