Chat bans and Perma bans

So I was perma banned for saying 2 mins toxic things which I completely understand and that i was given 2 14 day suspensions to “reform”. But for someone like me and in sure hundreds of other people who spent a lot of money and time into this game and just got mad in the heat of the moment due to whatever, life or just got tilted, and got banned I feel that is just really an unnecessary amount of punishment or something that can be solved with just some sort of chat ban or restrictions and maybe a 14 day suspension depending on what they said. Like i would understand if someone was spamming the n word or something the entire game but I would think most of the time thats not the case. Unless im missing something here. I understand that its in the guidelines saying not to say certain stuff but sometimes in the heat of the moment it just comes out and your banned. Also i feel as sometimes a 14 day isnt enough to allow someone to reform for some people yes but I think most people done really understand “oh crap I just lost an account that i spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on and hundreds of hours” until they get perma banned. Shouldnt there be some way to be able to lift that perma ban if it was for being toxic atleast. Maybe some sort of indefinite ban that your able to life after riot sees that youve changed if not chat bans. I heard some people have gotten chat bans in the past but I havent. I may be mistaken though. Yes I broke the guidelines and I understand that but Im sure to other people including me saying something in chat and get perma banned is a little too much beause a permanent chat ban or something will fix it. But like hacking and ddosing and just inting is different because you cant really restrict that so I would understand perma ban for that but for saying something in chat, i just find it hard to see that there is only one punishment which are suspensions and bans. Please correct me if km wrong I may be missing something
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