Chat restricted without any form of reason as to why

Just got a 24 game chat restriction without any email or ingame popup stating why. It happened right after the game I picked kindred adc. I didn't say remotely close to being toxic expect for "btchs" in one of the lines and I don't believe that one word triggered a ban. Also had the top laner continued to call me the N word and he didn't get punished most likely as I didn't get a popup after reporting him, even though racial slurs are supposed to be 0 tolerant. But that's besides the point. I recently got off from a ban for partially running it down mid in a lost game where the game was already over by that point. Even though I feel like that was unjustified, I don't care nor does it concern me since its in the past. I don't straight up flame people but sometimes make negative comments that may get under peoples' skins and if that's why I got banned, then I need to reevaluate the standards of this game for myself. Well anyways I don't have any evidence of what I said since I don't have any chat logs and I hope someone from riot can make a resolution. EDIT: Just got a popup after like 2 hours but only the last game & I'd still like some official statement regarding the matter Game 1 Nirvoy: look adc what any of u say, the fact is annnie is a garbage tier supp Nirvoy: and i just picked to match Nirvoy: cause i didnt get the supp role? Nirvoy: sucks to be u Nirvoy: cause ur not Nirvoy: u dont deserve to be healed Nirvoy: i picked a marksman too Nirvoy: idk whats ur problem Nirvoy: u have as many deaths as me Nirvoy: if im trolling so are u Nirvoy: alright biths since i cant farm bot Nirvoy: imam farm jg Nirvoy: if u wanted to win,, u would have picked a competent supp Nirvoy: sure Nirvoy: whatever makes u feel good Nirvoy: lol i havent said anything remotely toxic Nirvoy: or done anyhting toxic Nirvoy: pickiing a suboptimal champ is not toxic Nirvoy: while u have already been toxic as well as the jg Nirvoy: and the top has been racist Nirvoy: lol so blind go up and read chat Nirvoy: yea thaat n word is surely acceptable Nirvoy: u can shit talk me all u want but idrc, i have said or done anything toxic Nirvoy: nor do i have 4 deaths lol Nirvoy: cry more pls Nirvoy: bad reports only bring down ur report value lol Nirvoy: funny how u can talk crap in all chat buut cant type all this racist things in all chat Nirvoy: why dont u show ur true colors? Nirvoy: lol i have entire game recorded as proff Nirvoy: lmao Nirvoy: so bad Nirvoy: cant even win ff vote
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