honor taken away for bad behavior

i got 10 games chat restriction and my honor was taken away and even after that 10 game my honor is still not given back to me ... i dont get why i should be punished like this because of 2 games TWO game only ... and in both those games i was ww jungle playing like a god and dominating when my mid laners were feeding their holes off ... i was mute as the wall it self when they started flaming me because they lost lane HELL yea i lose my self when someone loses hes lane like a monkey and is pushing like a cow with hes horns and flames me for not ganking ... i just losed 30 minates time and 20 19 lp .. I will not take it when some one flames me after doing that to me too now the funny part is the massage only posted my comments and complatly ignored what other side was saying now i hower my mouse on my honor and it says ... ( because of your recent behavior your honor rewards have been taken away from you focus on future games and staying cool so you get your honor back ) WHO DID YOU THINK YOU RIGHT THIS FOR ??? A 10 YEAR OLD ??? hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ?{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
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