Speaking In a Negative Manner About Someone's Rank or Win Rate IS Harassment

Rank shaming is no different than making fun of someone. It's basically like making fun of a handicapped person because they can't do something that you are capable of. Telling someone "you are X rank so your opinion doesn't matter" is no different than telling someone that they aren't allowed in the same room as you because they are a different ethnicity. **EVERYONE is allowed to play League of Legends and EVERYONE is allowed to have an opinion.** Just because someone doesn't have a high win rate or rank doesn't make their opinion invalid, nor does it make it any less important. Riot factors in all different types of data, *including player ranks and champion skill floors*. Being of a higher rank doesn't give you a right to look down on someone else or publicly call them out on their rank or win rate. It's a **HUGE** problem on these boards that I see day in and day out. Personally I don't think the moderators here take it seriously enough, or even monitor for it, and to me that needs to change. Calling someone out on their win rate, or telling them their opinion doesn't matter because they're X rank, **IS SHAMING**. Naming and shaming is explicitly against the boards rules and mentioned in their post here: https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/player-behavior-moderation/4LgZ2EwM-universal-rules Hopefully the Mods will pay more attention to this, because it seems they are frequently overlooking it currently, despite how it is one of the most popular things everyone loves doing on these boards. If you are one of the people doing this, I hope you re-consider and change your ways. Calling someone out publicly on their rank / win rate without their permission is offensive and serves literally no purpose outside of trying to put them down and make them feel badly about not being the "perfect player" everyone wants. From Iron to Challenger, everyone matters. We are all playing the same game and trying to enjoy ourselves. This is a public board where players from every part of the world visit, with all different upbringing, knowledge, and beliefs, and everyone is entitled to that. There are people here who could be rocket scientists playing League for the first time (far-fetched but not impossible), maybe they don't have the hand eye co-ordination, but know mathematically something is strong. Does them not winning mean their opinion is wrong? No, it does not. There are many reasons why someone might have a low win rate, and that doesn't always make them a "bad player" or mean that they have no idea what they're saying. So please, stop calling out people on their ranks and win rate. We're all here to enjoy League of Legends, not have our feelings hurt because other players think they're better than us.

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