The worse gaming community I've ever played with. Hands down.

I've now played this game for a year and a half. The nasiest, rudest, most toxic community right here. Literally EVERY SINGLE GAME I play, I get cussed, threatened, and alot of other things. Luckily, I don't take this game that serious. I just have decided to stop playing. I've had several friends quit over the last 6 months, and I can totally see why. Before I leave, here are some suggestions.(Which I'm sure you WILL NOT EVER care enough to read) -Matchmaking can't be fair, when you have toxicity so thick you can't breathe, and you allow people to play braum for the first time in ranked play. Why would you not make everyone have a certain mastery level, before being able to play that champ in ranked? Do you even care? -The reporting system is a joke. Straight up. You guys have you're head up your ass on the reporting system. I've watched people in Real life play, and feed on purpose, cuss, and threaten, and all kinds of stuff, because they were done with the game. They still didn't get banned. Haha. It's just a joke. Really. -You have overpriced just about every single thing you sell in the store. Runes are even too high. Runepages, you have to either be rich, or play nothing but league of legends to even be able to afford an extra one. -The support system, is probably the biggest joke of all. I mean, I literally have never spoken with a support member, that had so very little people skills. You have to actually CARE about the game, or it's going to die. Quickly. That's all I wanted to say. I'm done with the game, and I hope it dies out quickly. These people took my money, and then completely ruined the game with all the new bullshit they've introduced. Not to mention how unbalanced the champs are in alot of respects. Then on top of all that you ignore the trolling and toxicity that is drowning this game. It's disgusting. The best part of all of this is that riot says they can't control what the four people they put us in a game with do. WHY DO YOU EXPECT ME TOO? Why would you base my rank, off of how much someone else is willing to try. Or willing to work together? Why is my rank and enjoyment being affected by pure toxicity EVERY GAME? It's simple, Riot. You DO NOT CARE. At all. Lost you a loyal gamer. And as far as the 1k+ I put into you're game? I guess you don't care about that either.
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