Dealing with rage quitters and DCs mid game.

Please don't punish teams because someone has the emotional intelligence of a 5yr old. I'm playing with gold/plat and someone has my main position (I was autofilled). He rage quit after dying once 8 minutes in. Never came back. I think it's absurd the whole team is penalized for juvenile behavior. Please make it so that in ranked if someone DCs or straight up leaves that they take the LP hit. This free LP crap from unstable teammates is ridiculous. Make them take the LP hit; not the rest of the team. They ought not be in ranked in the first place if they can't handle themselves. Makes for a very negative experience for players who handle themselves well and work hard despite faults in the team. Just makes no sense. It's even more irritating when I get autofilled support and the person who rage quits is playing my main position.
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