How does riot's system work? (school work questions)

An actual question I'm hoping someone a worker will answer. I haven't been punished, i'm not complaining about anyone or anything, i'm just wondering how they work there system? I have a school report and was hoping I could get some answers to iner-workings :D 1. Is there a bot that helps with minor things? 2. What warrants human attention (if there is a bot helper) 3. How do you handle false reports and is there a punishment for false reports? 4 (kind of a question for someone who deals with reports) What is one of the rudest/unruly report reason typed in the explanation box! I under stand if you can't answer some questions for company policy reason. I also understand that this may not be the right place to ask said questions, but If you could direct me to a place i could get these answered that would be great! Thank you :)
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