The League Community's Reaction to Tyler 1's Ban Shows How Much it Needs to Grow.

I usually don't comment much on these boards as I usually just come here to browse through in my leisure time, but seeing the Rioter's post on Tyler 1's ban and the reaction has me pretty concerned. The League of Legends board reaction to Tyler 1's ban has got to be one of the most depressing thing's I've seen coming from this community. Tyler1's account should have been permabanned after his first 3 accounts were banned. The fact that he was as popular as he was on Twitch actually took me by surprise. Yeah, he may have played an pretty good Draven, but that is it. Everybody flames and gets angry once in a while, but Tyler did it just about every game. Running down mid and flaming teammates constantly isn't entertaining; it's rude to his teammates and gives off a vibe to potentially new viewers who are interested in the game that it is okay to interact with other players that way. As league continues to become one of the biggest growing games among regular players and in competitive E-sports, people like Tyler 1 can't be around as a main attraction for people interested in League. He got what was eventually coming to him. Edit: Guys, I get what you are saying about Tyler 1 maybe going down a bit in verbal abuse, but intentionally feeding is still a BAN WORTHY offense and he did it a lot; he even had a list he wrote down for people he would automatically troll if he saw them in his pre-game lobby.

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