A reward for 6 years of League.

1 year ago, I went cold turkey on League. I quit, indefinitely - I told everyone who knew I played that it was done. I had played for the last 6 years, s1 bronze, s2 gold, s3 onwards diamond and, to no fault of Riot, I just started getting bored. My very last game was an in-house custom with my friends who still play today, and after that, I had 'retired' my account; never to play another game, but to still remain as a reminder of what shaped me as I grew up. Under a week ago, [I was permanently banned](http://i.imgur.com/xtOlSBP.jpg) on the basis of >using malicious 3rd party programs or modifications to my League of Legends client. I had received an e-mail that was in my junk folder, and it was actually purely by luck that I had stumbled upon it. At first, I shrugged it off as another phishing link. Then I realised they didn't actually ask me to address the ban like a regular phish would. It literally just told me that I had been permanently banned, and to contact player support if I had any questions. Any questions? Of course I had questions. It turns out, [someone had breached into my account at latest mid July.](http://i.imgur.com/cg9HIKo.png) [accessed from matchhistory[dot]oce[dot]leagueoflegends] I had no knowledge of this. In fact, given that I had quit, there was seemingly no way for me to have knowledge that someone else was playing on my account. I received no notifications of a new IP access, no e-mails or alerts. How could this happen? My password isn't guessable, nor do I share my details with anyone. How could someone log into my account, inactive for almost a year, on a random IP address and not alert me immediately through one of myriad of ways to do so? I've connected my Facebook, my e-mail, and if it's a thing, probably my phone number too. League of Legends is the biggest online game in the world. Compare it to games like Runescape - you need to authenticate access through an authenticator to log in from a new IP. Guild Wars 2 - you can literally see every access to your account, including access IP. Platforms like Steam - you need to gain a code textable to your phone number to log in from a new IP, or even just after inactivity. This is not cool. _______ **[This is exchange I had with Riot Broken Blade through Player Support.](http://i.imgur.com/JFEfi1C.png)** ________ Just like that, someone breached my account, played for a week, cheated blatantly (still losing the games) and got my 6 year account, pricelessly sentimental to me, permanently banned in one fell swoop. And there was nothing I could do to stop him. A reward for 6 years of league.
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