In what way was I being toxic?

Here are the chat logs from my last 2 games: Game 1 4Jhín: opop 4Jhín: spellthiefs is gr8 for swain lol 4Jhín: ya 4Jhín: didnt realize kat was that much ahead 4Jhín: ping mia or follow her 4Jhín: if u cant follow her then push out the lane when she leaves lane 4Jhín: when i get top tower group mid 4Jhín: k group mid 4Jhín: hurry 4Jhín: focus kat plz 4Jhín: ekko go in when i engage 4Jhín: ugh 4Jhín: i can tell 4Jhín: ww just stop talking to them 4Jhín: worth 4Jhín: thanks 4Jhín: how am i toxic? 4Jhín: ive barely said a word lol 4Jhín: ww shes trying to tilt u so she can report u 4Jhín: just mute her 4Jhín: push 4Jhín: elise ur being very toxic can u please stop 4Jhín: ww already muted u so the rest of us are the only one seeing it 4Jhín: 1300 fucking damage with his ult lul 4Jhín: this should have been an easy game T-T 4Jhín: push 4Jhín: plz 4Jhín: forget it 4Jhín: im pushing top Game 2 4Jhín: he quit he didnt dc 4Jhín: how r u so dam fast 4Jhín: dont fight, farm, stay close to turret 4Jhín: we can win if u will just stop raging and farm 4Jhín: ^ 4Jhín: lul 4Jhín: that flash 4Jhín: we r carrying right now 4Jhín: k 4Jhín: y r u so toxic 4Jhín: we can win 4Jhín: lmfao they were hiding in bush 4Jhín: how is she not being toxic 4Jhín: plz tell me 4Jhín: i havent said a dam thing 4Jhín: i was trying to help 4Jhín: nasus can u tank 4Jhín: if u tank we can maybe 2v5 this
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