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So about a week ago or maybe 2ish? Don't remember, but I do remember this salty ass dudes ign. Simply just told our team, watch out he's toxic and likes to sit at fountain talking sh-t cause he did that about a week or 2 ago when I faced him and we beat his ass in a 4v5. He literally said the stupid meme"Aight, imma head out" after like 7-8 minutes because one of their players afk'd and sat in their fountain talking smack to his teammates and a few of ours and me. I should probably note right now also that he's beyond a passive toxic player, how do I know? Cause I got him a few games after that and in the past way before then too, and his name isn't hard to remember.. And those times also passively toxic. Anyways, long story short, wow he's still not banned considering how he is and what he said. Probably received some chat restrictions or so maybe only but not that big of a shocker considering tons of flaws in the ban/report system. OH! And lastly, my alt playing with him that game got perm banned :) because also apparently another teammate started to flame me about a simple warning about that player and persisted to argue with me the rest of the game, then another :) Guess the real toxics goes unpunished or unscathed ^_^ Hence title :)

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