Hate speech and slang are not the same things

Just because someone uses the "N" word, does not make them a racist. Anything can be a "N" word. I can call a tree the "N" word. The "N" word doesn't even have to be hateful. I can lovingly call my mother the "N" word. I say "N" word because the boards censors the full word. Which goes to show how zero tolerance only increases the negative stereotype. It's right there in the phrase, "ZERO TOLERANCE". So basically, because some people were assholes HUNDREDS of years ago, present day people aren't allowed to use certain words. Even though, the culture has DRAMATICALLY changed. You think true racist people are using the same language for HUNDREDS of years? They moved on and created new words that aren't censored. Banning a word does not alter a persons personality. True racist people are going to think racist thoughts no matter how much you ban their language.

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