Suspended for 2 weeks for ''intentionally feeding''

I played one bad game, where I went 1/12 over the course of 14 minutes. My team had given up and AFK'd at spawn, waiting to surrender at 15 or just to let the enemy team end the game, whereas I told them it would be better to keep playing as to not get punished for AFKing. Anyway, I ended up with the most deaths 1/12/3, whereas the second most deaths was 1/7/3 followed by 2/6/0. I think this temporary ban was a mistake because it was not intentionally feeding, I know that the account gets flagged after a certain number of deaths before a certain time, but it certainly was not intentionally feeding. Please rewatch the match (it's a very short match) and look at my match history and unban me. Thanks for reading. ^^^^^ That's what I sent in player support, but I wanted to get everyone's opinion here, do you think the one month ban was worth it or was it an automated mistake? I know I've played badly, but I think it can be excused when everybody gives up, one of the players leaves the game and especially when it's only one bad game. I'm 100% sure I don't deserve the ban I got. You can judge for yourselves, here's my (Ironically, I was the Ace of the game, since my team had largely given up) and the match in itself that got me punished: Again, thanks for reading. By the way, if someone can change the title to two weeks instead of a month, that would be nice, thanks.
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